ZL110/36 Granulation line

linia ZL110/36 Granulation line

1. Conveyor belt to compactor

Engine power: 1.5 kW

Tape width: 600 mm

2. Compactor

Engine power: 90 kW, controlled by inverter

Diameter of the compactor: 1000 mm

Thickness of the membrane compactor: 10 mm

Quantities of cutting knives: 3 groups * 3

Amounts of fixed knives: 14 pcs

Agglomerator side door to facilitate control and cleaning

Temperature sensor inside the compactor

Cooling system compactor’s membrane (water and air)

3. Single-Screw extruder

Screw: 38CrMoA1A, nitrided

Cylinder: 38CrMoAlA, nitrided, bimetallic with air cooling

Engine power: 132 kW A.C. controlled inverter

Screw diameter: Ø110mm


Maximum screw speed: 140 rpm

Drainage system: vacuum pump 3 kW

Double degassing

Heating zones: air cooled heaters

7 heating zones

Cool air, cooling power: 0,37 kW х 7

Performance: 400 – 500 kg / h

4. Hydraulic, plate changer self-sealing screen

Diameter of the filtering surface: 250 mm

Maximum pressure: ≤35 Mpa

Without a stop extruder, without sources, time of replacement of filter ≤ 2 seconds

Material: 38CrMoAl

Heating power: 12 kW

5. Cutting with a tip in a water mist

Engine power: 3 kW

Head power with connector: 4,5 kW

Amount of  knives: 4 pcs / 2 pcs

Pneumatic – controlled pressure

6. Vibrating screen

Power of the vibrator: 2 x 0.32 kW

Water pump power: 3 kW

Bath material: stainless steel

Frame and screen material: stainless steel

Water temperature sensor

Water filtration system

7. Centrifuge with a built-in feeder

Motor power 7.5 kW

Rotor material: stainless steel

Screen material: stainless steel

Easy access to inspection and cleaning

8. Granulate reception system 1 pcs

Capacity: 800 kg

Connection diameter of the transport hose: Ø100 mm

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