Wytłaczarka Compounder

1-1 Wytłaczarka Compounder

EC40 Compounding and Granulating Production Line

Main technical specifications

  1. Process tasks1-1-150x99 Wytłaczarka Compounder

PA6/PA66 compounding with GF (up to 30%) and additives.

  1. Output and main extruder type

Output: 25-100 kg/h (difference up to formula and operation conditions).

Main extruder type: EC40 co-rotating twin screw extruder.


  1. Flow chart description

Volumetric feeding > twin screw compounding > melt filter

> cooling bath > water wiper >strand pelletizier

  1. Main features of extruder

Closely intermeshing screw profile with screws that are self-wiping at narrow clearance for easy product and color changing.

Special mixing and shearing elements is with varying effects for high process flexibility.

Modular building-block system for barrel;

Each barrel is with one temperature zone for optimal processing.

High reliable safety clutch and interlocking system for optimal protection against overload

High torque gear box ensure high output and long life time.

Variable screw speed from 100 to 800 rpm allows wide range of process technologies.

Large free volume due to outer/inner screw diameter ratio Do/Di ~ 1.75 for optimum processing.

Water manifold completely made out of stainless steel.

    1. Delivery Scope


      Denomination of the delivery



      Spec. and model

      1.0Raw materials dealing and feeding system


      Main feeder

      1 set



      Side feeder for chopped GF

      1 set


      2.0EC40 compounding system


      EC40 co-rotating twin-screw extruder

      1 set

      AC 30 KW, R+W


      Vacuum system

      1 set

      3.0Strand pelletizing system


      Fast open die plate

      1 set

      Dia. 4mm, 7 holes


      Cooling bathe

      1 set

      Length 3m


      Vacuum type water wiper

      1 set

      Fan motor 2.2KW



      1 set

      Motor 2.2 KW



      1 set

      Supplied by
      4.0Control system

      1 set

    2. Documentation

Basic engineering layout and documentation of factory preparation will be delivered within 30 days after received down payment by Seller. 1 set of operation manuals (copy in one CD) in English languages will be delivered with equipments.

    1. Commissioning

Supplier will send two engineers to buyer’s factory for installation and commissioning of the sold machines, training for buyer’s staffs for operating, repairing and trouble shooting, for no more than 7 working days (subject to both parties agreement). Cost of economical 2-way air tickets, reasonable accommodation and foods are under customer’s account during staying time. The Buyer shall send the invitation accordingly, if any.

    1. Modification of order

Modifications requested by customer after the contract has been concluded will be carried out by supplier if the parties have agreed in writing about any extra charges, changed delivery times, the warranty or any other changes and consequences with regard to the contract.

    1. Limitation of liability

The parties agree that any claim to compensation for loss of profit as well as for indirect damage and consequential damage, on the basis of whatever legal ground, are excluded.

This shall not apply if legal provisions make liability for such damage mandatory in cases of intent or gross negligence.

In the course of your further planning, questions regarding this project will certainly have to be discussed. For this, we remain at your entire disposal.

    1. Transport

To be responsible by the buyer (the complete line need one 20 feet container);

  1. Technical Specifications

    2-1 Wytłaczarka CompounderFeeding the material into the first barrel of extruder.

    Capacity: 10-80kg/h.

    Feeding method: co-rotating closely intermeshing screws;

    Screw material: carbon steel with hard chromium plated.

    Inside with a horizontal agitator rotating at the same speed of screw.

    RPM controller: SCHNEIDER AC inverter, maximum speed: 100rpm;

    Motor: 1.1KW, ratio 11;

    S.S. hopper Vol.: 100L;


    Side feeder for chopped GF

    1 set

    3-1 Wytłaczarka CompounderTotal two stages: the upper feeder is for dosing, the down feeder is for force feeding the chopped glass fiber into No.6 barrel.

    Capacity: 10~50kg/h.

    Bothe feeder with feeding method: co-rotating closely intermeshing screws;

    Screw material: carbon steel with hard chromium plated.

    Inside with a horizontal agitator rotating at the same speed of screw.

    The down feeder working with maximum speed.

    The upper feeder with speed controller: SCHNEIDER AC inverter.

    Both motor: 1.1KW, ratio 11.

    S.S. hopper Vol.: 100L.


     8-1 Wytłaczarka Compounder4-1 Wytłaczarka CompounderMain motor:

    AC motor, 30KW with speed 1480rpm.

    Speed controller: SCHNEIDER AC inverter with international warranty.


    The clutch is used to transmit the power from the motor to the gearbox.

    High safety coupling with torque limit from R+W (made in German).

    With one extra sensor, if the clutch separate due to over loading, the motor will stop automatically.

    With cover for safety.

    5-1 Wytłaczarka CompounderGearbox:

    Precise balancing principle applied to increase torque level;

    Torque level up to 5.5 defined by Torque/centerline distance;

    High safety factor design;

    Latest steel alloy material for gears applied with special heat treatment and manufactured at high precision level;

    NSK bearings and imported seals applied,

    Input/output rotary speed: 1480/600rpm;

    Each shaft transfer torque: 238Nm (total torque of main motor is 476Nm).

    Special lubricating for gearbox:

    Fin-plate heat exchanger configured to provide best cooling.

    With one temperature sensor: if the oil temperature more than 60 degree, the extruder will stop automatically.

    With one pressure sensor: if the oil pressure less than 0.2 Mpa, the extruder will stop automatically.

    With one pressure indicator meter for the operature to see the pressure easily.

    With magnatic filter to remove the metal power from the gear.

    With one vane pump with much less noise compare to the traiditional gear pump.

    6-1 Wytłaczarka CompounderScrew element & shaft:

    The intermeshing screws co-rotate and wipe each other with narrow clearance so that no residues are left in the screw flights and cleaning effort is thus reduced.

    The screw shaft system is characterized by the following:

    Through-going solid shafts

    Screw elements with various pitches and lengths

    Kneading blocks with various angles of stagger, numbers of kneading disks and disk widths

    Screw tips to fix the screw set axially

    Gear teeth connection to ensure power flow between the screw shaft and screw elements

    Screw Diameter: 41mm, Do/Di =1.516, L/D=40:1;

    The clearance between the screw and barrel 0.15mm;

    Maximum Screw speed: 600rpm.

    Screw configuration: with modular structure, torque transmission by spline.

    Screw material: high speed steel W6Mo5Cr4V2, surface-hardness HRC5862.

    Screw shaft material: 40CrNiMoA.


    7 Wytłaczarka Compounder

    The flexible modular principle is realised with barrel sections from the wide range of different designs possible. Fast, intensive and uniform heating of the barrel sections is ensured by electrical heaters. The barrel sections are cooled with water, by means of an internal bore system, with bores arranged close to the inside barrel wall.

    Barrel sections are available as:

    Closed barrel section

    Barrel section with opening for material feed or evolatilization

    Barrel section with top and lateral opening for top venting and the connection of a side feeder.

    The processing section is provided with stainless steel plates as a protection against accidental contact.

    Barrel configuration: with modular structure, each one with length of 4L/D, and the barrels connected together by bolts and pins.

    Barrel material: with linear design, basic material with 45# steel, and the inner surface material of the linear with α101 (2 pcs of “C” shape), surface-hardness at HRC62-64.

    Barrels configuration:

    • Barrel No.1: feed barrel with one feeding port for all possible components

    • Barrel No.2: closed barrel

    • Barrel No.3: top open barrel with one venting port.

    • Barrel No.4: closed barrel

    • Barrel No.5: side feeding barrel with one venting port which can be used for feeding long glass fiber (in roving shape) and one side feeding port for chopped glass fiber (with the length 3~5mm) which can be block by plug in neccessary.

    • Barrel No.6-8: closed barrel

    • Barrel No.9: top open barrel with one port which cannect to the vacuum system

    • Barrel No.10: closed barrel

      Temperature control system:

    8-2 Wytłaczarka Compounder

    Temperature controller: RKC.

    All of barrel with heating and cooling both, except No.1 barrel without heating, only with cooling channel.

    Heating system: electrical heaters made of casting copper and aluminium, total heating power with about 21.4KW.

    Soft-water cooling system for barrel:

    The system consists of:

    1water-pump (1.1KW)

    1 stainless steel water-box (with water Temp. gauge)

    1 fin-plate heat exchanger

    1 water pressure indicator

    1 solenoid valve for each barrel

    1 manual valve for each barrel

    1 bypass

    Steel base:

    Welding base with 6 pieces of special pads which can adjust the height and reduce the vibration.


    Vacuum system

    1 set

    9 Wytłaczarka CompounderThe compact vacuum system is used for the removal of volatile matter from the product. The system is completely assembled and internally tubed. The necessary switchgear is installed in the control cabinet of the extruder.

    Consisting of following main components:

    1 water ring vacuum pump: 2.2KW;

    1 collecting tank to empty vacuum condensate into containers.

    1 manual valve

    1 air pressure indicator

    1 bypass

    3Strand pelletizing system


    Fast open die plate

    1 set

    10 Wytłaczarka CompounderMaterial: 40Cr, with nitrifying heat-treatment.

    Exchangeable die plate: 11 holes with diameter 4 mm.

    With one filter plate behind the die, when you change the filter screen, you need stop the machine for 2 minutes.

    Electrical heater is made of copper.


    Cooling bath

    1 set

    11 Wytłaczarka CompounderBody material: stainless steel.

    With wheels for moving conveniently.

    Strand guider material: nylon.

    Length 3m, tank inner width 350mm, tank depth: 300mm.


    Vacuum type water wiper

    1 set

    12 Wytłaczarka CompounderFan power: 2.2KW.

    Structure: vacuum type.

    All the water will be removed and stored in one stainless steel tank.

    All the parts touching with material is made of stainless steel.


    Strand pelletizer

    1 set

    13 Wytłaczarka Compounder Model: LQ200.

    Capacity: 200kg/h.

    Drive motor: 2.2KW.

    Speed controller: SCHNEIDER AC inverter.

    Number of strands: max. 15 with diameter 3 mm.

    Strand speed: 30~50 m/min.

    The material for roating and fixed cutter: hard metal alloy.

    The material of upper feed roller: PU.

    The material of down feed roller: Nitride Steel.

    4Control system

    1 set

    14 Wytłaczarka CompounderFor indoor installation within 5 m to the extruder in non-hazardous atmosphere, under normal ambient conditions

    Essential components as per machine specification:

    • Max. ambient temperature: 40 °C

    • Measuring circuits 4..20 mA with digital display for

    • Motor speed

    • Motor current

    • Melt temperature

    • Melt pressure

    • Die head temperature

    • 10 zone temperature control

    • Temperature control circuits with industrial controller
      with input for thermocouple Fe-CuNi type J and logic
      outputs for heating and cooling

    • Power circuits for electrical heating

    • Power supply: 380 V, 3 phase/N/PE, 50Hz

    • Protection class: IP42

    • Relay based control logic with interlocks

    • Low-voltage electrics: SCHNEIDER (all the relay, MCCB, contactor);

    • Speed controller for main motor and feeder and pelletizier: SCHNEIDER AC inverter;

    • Temperature controller: RKC;

    Essential built-in components in the cabinet door:

    • Pushbuttons, illuminated keys, switches:

    • Emergency

    • Alarm reset

    • Oil pump run & stop

    • Water pump run & stop

    • Vacuum pump run & stop

    • Main motor run & stop

    • Main feeder run & stop

    • Side feeder run & stop

    • Water wiper run & stop

    • Digital indicators and controllers

    • 10 zone temperature control

    • Die head temperature control

    • Melt temperature

    • Melt pressure

    • Main motor current

    • Main motor speed

    • Main feeder speed

    • Side feeder speed

    • Signal lamps for all of the motor

    • 1 handle for main circuit breaker

    Interlocking and safety design:

    • Gearbox is with oil pressure and temperature sensor interlock with extruder main motor.

    • Melt pressure and tempatrure sensor interlock with extruder main motor.

    • Main feeder interlocking with extruder main motor.

    • Side feeder interlocking with side feeder.

    • Overload protection for all motors.

    All electric parts and design of control panel meet with the standards of CE.

  2. Exclusion

The following are not included in the scope of our supply:

The preparation of the site with all the necessary foundation work, ceiling openings etc.

The connecting cables from the mains to the switch unit and from this to the various motors and auxiliary units of our equipment.

The electrical installation including the required safety devices outside the machine and switch unit.

The connection pipes, gravity feed hoppers etc. between the various units supplied by user.

Any required frames, platforms, suspension devices, covers for feed hoppers etc.

The operating media such as oil, grease etc. as well as raw materials for starting up and operation.

All equipment and services which are not expressly stated in our quotation

The installation and commissioning. Please request our personnel in good time for this work. A separate order is required.

  1. General Conditions of Factory Requirements


  • 3X380 Volts + neutral + earth conductor

  • 50hz

  • 150A


  • 4-8 bar

  • 0.5 m3/min

Circulate cooling water

  • The cooling water quantity and the cooling capacity of the air cooling tower will be mentioned on the documentation of factory preparation).

Ambient temperature

  • 10 – 40 C

Relative humidity of air

  • Max. 80 %, non-condensing


  • Firm base ≥15cm reinforced cement (recommended)

  1. Other items

  • Standard colour of extruder and down stream machine: grey (RAL 7026).

  • Please inform us the color code if you want to painting by the other color.

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